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What is the Academy?

 Upward Stars volleyball offers the most comprehensive volleyball and athletic training for young players.  

We currently have 3 different locations (Spartanburg, Gaffney, and Savannah, GA) and have academies all year long. We really see the long-term growth when our players continue instruction past one academy and would encourage your athlete to train in multiple academies throughout the year. Remember, our academy is for the beginner to players who play school and/or club ball (ages 7-14).  We provide 3 levels of participation and training- beginner, intermediate and advanced.  Each group is leveled by experience in the game and led out accordingly.

Each academy features 2 practices/week conducted by our proven staff and led by a master coach, one or two Saturday tournaments against outside competition and cool Stars gear.

Academy Schedule 2018-2019

Rising Stars Academy
November 1 - December 15 (Thursday/Sunday)

Winter Academy
January 2-February 16 (Wednesday/Sunday)

Spring Academy
March 6 -April 20 (Wednesday/Friday/Sunday)

Exploding Stars Academy
May 5-June 15 (Thursday/Sunday)

Summer Academy
July 7-August 17 (Thursday/Sunday)

*Dates are tentative and are subject to change

Register Now

Dates: November 1 - December 15
Location: The "LUKE" - 6655 Potter Road Spartanburg
Days/Times: Thurs. (6-7:30) and Sunday (2:30-4)
Age/Grade: 3rd - 8th Grade
Cost: $195
Master Coach: Anna Goff


Dates: November 1 - December 15
Location: Your Best Body - 1844 Old Georgia Hwy Gaffney
Days/Times: Tues and Thurs (4-5:30)
Age/Grade: 3rd - 8th Grade
Cost: $185
Master Coach: Katye Price