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be S.E.T. apart

We are now providing Stars Elite Training for all players who want to continue to improve their individual skills.   We will offer this program throughout the summer.  We will provide the most advanced training techniques and each athlete will see improvement physically and mentally.  Our Stars training has a proven record to produce athletes who have the technical skills (that's the easy part) AND who know how to compete under pressure (that is where most training programs fail).  

Our S.E.T. program runs all year however it is going to look different starting May 18. We will cap the registrations as we are on a strict protocol with the CDC.  We practice twice week indoors AND will be have one session at the Star Center in the sand.  

Everyone that registers will get 3-90 minute sessions per week. Sessions will take place Monday - Thursday. Athletes will be placed in groups that have other athletes of similar age/grade/skill level. 

Cost:  $279/"month"

Practice:  2x/week at the Luke and 1x/week at the sand courts at the star center. 

Practice days/times:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

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ASP Clinics will start on May 23rd and will be a 1x clinic for athletes to register for. Clinics will take place on Saturdays/Sundays and will be first come first serve as we have to cap registration to follow CDC Guidelines. 


The Registration "S.E.T./Clinics/Lessons" is not currently available.


We are excited to start lessons/small group training out of the Volleyball Center again. We have a new protocol where every athlete will need to register online prior to coming. We will help get you scheduled. Below are the options for registration.

Evaluation: If you are new to our area, our club, or are just starting to play volleyball we require that you go to an evaluation (30 minute workout) for our staff to get to know you and help give you advice on the best programming for you moving forward. 

Individual Lessons: A coach will train an athlete one on one for 60 minutes. 

Group Lessons: A coach will train a small group of athletes (2 or 3) for 60 minutes. Athletes need to sign up together and the lesson will be booked once everyone is in the system. 

If you have any questions please reach out to Anna Kelly (

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