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COVID Update

COVID Protocol

We are back in the gym. With that being said, there are going to be a lot of specific protocols that will take place for our athletes, our families, and facilities. 

A couple things to note: 

- There will be no open gym for athletes to come in outside of scheduled programming for the time being. 

- Athletes/Coaches are the only ones allowed inside the gym. Parents can come in if needed but need to sit in the assigned seating. 

- We will adhere to specific ratios for people per sq. foot so training slots will be limited. 

See below for the health protocol that we will be following. 



In this new age, at least for now, we will be following health protocols recommended by CDC and other relevant regulatory approved sources. These will be, though not limited to, the following:


1.    Signage will be posted at entrances and exits indicating we are invested in following the correct health protocols. These signs will clearly state one cannot gain entry if you have Covid -19, are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, or if you or any of your friends or family members have been exposed to Covid -19.


2.     All players must wash and sanitize their hands at check in, prior to entry.


3.    After cleaning their hands, players must place their bag and personal items in a designated area allowing at least 6' between everybody else's personal items.


4.    Coaches will sanitize their hands prior to beginning to work, and will sanitize their hands multiple times during training sessions.


5.    Players will sanitize their hands multiple times during their training session. Hand cleaning stations will be in place on all occupied courts.


6.    There will be no use of the water fountain during these training sessions. Use of the onsite water fountain will resume when medical guidelines permit this kind of activity. Hence athletes must bring their own water or other liquids to drink during training.


7.    Coaches and staff members will closely monitor all players at all times.


8. At the end of the training session players and coaches will cooperate in the cleaning of their assigned balls, ball carts and any other training equipment utilized.


9. Bathroom facilities will be frequently sanitized and cleaned.


10.  Upon finishing, athletes and coaches will be asked to wash hands upon leaving The Luke. 



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